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Best security products to buy for your caravan

Caravans can be all too easy to steal or break into. There are, however, lots of accessories you can buy in order to minimise the chances of being a victim to the cruel and mindless act. None of these products are guaranteed to stop a determined thief, but they could be enough to derail any illicit attack. Take a look at our favourite caravan security accessories, which we hope will help prevent any unwelcome activity.


To save you time, we have created a list of items that you may like to buy with affiliated links to Amazon. Check the latest prices and take advantage of our knowledge and experience.

Product Image Rating Description Key feature Price (£)
Purpleline Nemesis Ultra High Security Caravan Wheel Clamp

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Weighing in at just over 3kg and able to fit in a shoe box, installation of the Nemesis Ultra wheel clamp is a simple matter of locate, lock and go. Despite its compact size it is incredibly secure, boasting SCM European Quality Assured status.
A very well respected wheel clamp. Most caravan storage sites will insist on a wheel clamp as standard.
Stronghold 5412C Hitch Lock (Alko)

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Approved to Sold Secure Gold standard for caravan and trailers* Approved to Secured by Design VbV/SCM MP03 approved in the Netherlands Weighing only 3Kg it is easily fitted, hitched or unhitched It provides security for a car and caravan when they are parked coupled together e.g. motorway services Fitment in under 10 seconds Lightweight and user friendly touring or storage product
Another vital security aid which are essential if you want to avoid the unexpected towing off with your pride and joy.

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This easy to fit, sturdy Hand Rail can be used for extra stability providing easier access and extra security on your caravan or motorhome. It has a unique 3 position twin locking system, which can lock the handle open, outwards or closed across the door
2 benefits for the price of 1! This handy handrail will help you get in and out but will also lock in place to keep intruders out.
TruTrak FMT100 GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

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Ready to use and easily self-installed by simply connecting to a positive and negative feed of the vehicle battery reducing costs of an engineer and allowing you to move the device between assets without hassle.
Hide this tiny device anywhere in your caravan and wire it up to your 12v battery. You'll then be able to track your caravan wherever it goes! Subscription required after 14 day trial.
Maypole Removable Security Post Concrete Set Type - yellow


Stopping access to an area where cars can drive through can be achieved by a security post which is where Maypole has created a specific line of products around.
If you keep your caravan at home on your driveway this is a great way to block it's path. Also acts as a brilliant visual deterrent.
3G UltraPIR GSM Alarm, Ideal for Sheds or Garages (SD card not supplied).


This 3G battery powered Ultrapir is simple and easy to use. It contacts up to 3 key-holders via telephone with a pre-recorded message when activated. It'll also send a text (SMS) as a last resort if the key-holders do not answer.
Whether on site or at home this handy device will let you know if any intruders have managed to break in. Complete with alarm to alert passers by.
Milenco 3094 Caravan Immobiliser


Milenco Caravan Immobiliser, Two Pieces, Simultaneous Key Action for steady lock.
Another deterrent to make things harder for any opportunists in the area. By locking the steadies down it makes it hard to move the caravan and also attracts lots of attention.
Maypole SH5438 Stronghold Atlas Caravan Wheel Clamp


Ideal for caravans and trailers Sold Secure Tested and Gold approved. Insurance approved protection for your caravan Patented high security locking system Fits alloy and steel wheels with tyres up to 265mm wide. Lightweight and compact design (under 5kg) Easy to fit and secure the vehicle. PVC covering to protect the wheel from damage
An alternative caravan wheel lock from a well respected brand. Also Gold Approved.
MONOJOY Faraday Box


A car is now stolen every 2 minutes.The criminals use keyfob skimming tools to copy or mimic your keyfob's unique signal code remotely to gain access to your vehicle or keyless entry system.This faraday box is used for blocking all of the signals out when you put your car keys into it.
Most caravan sites allow you to park your car next door to the caravan. Due to the thin walls and close proximity it is easy for potential thief's to drive off with your car if it is fitted with keyless entry. This clever box will block the signal keeping it safe and secure.
3G/4G LTE Security Camera Outdoor Wireless


【4G-LTE or 3G Networks Anywhere】Reolink Go, a 100% wire-free security camera outdoor, operates on 4G-LTE or 3G networks. Needs a nano sim card with cellular data plan to work together (SIM Card is not Included). No WiFi Needed!
Pick up a data plan (SIM card) and this clever camera will let you keep an eye on your caravan from anywhere. Please note this is a new item which we haven't tested yet but has great reviews.

There are some further essentials that you may need, especially if you are intending to use your caravan ‘off grid’. Please see the list below for other things you may wish to consider before setting out in your caravan…

  • Gas bottle/s are essential if you intend to use your caravans oven and hob. If you don’t have electrical hookup you will also need it for heating the caravan, running the fridge and hot water.


  • Solar panel kit for your caravan or RV. If your caravan is in storage without electrical hookup having a solar panel can make life easier. Just connect it to the battery, point it towards the sun and keep topped up! A solar panel is also very convenient when camping or caravanning off grid to help power lighting and phone chargers.

Camping and caravan solar panel kitCamping and caravan folding solar panel

Solar panel kits are easy to install and can be mounted on the roof or propped up against a window inside the caravan. You may find the foldable solar panel more convenient to use and store. Please click on the photos above to check prices and specifications. 

Buying a used car?

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