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Beginners guide to camping with your caravan

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Getting started with your caravan - Beginners Guide

When starting out with your new or nearly new caravan, there are a few essentials you’ll need to get you started. Trying to work all of this out for the first time can seem daunting, but we’re here to help guide you through what you’ll need. We’ll also give you our opinion on the best caravan gear, so you won’t have to spend your hard-earned money twice.

To save you time, we have created a list of items that you may like to buy with affiliated links to Amazon. Check the latest prices and take advantage of our knowledge and experience.

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Top 10 Essential Caravan Products for 2022, UK.

Product Image Rating Description Key feature Price (£)
Leisurewize LWACC48 Waterhog



Heavy-duty rubber bands that function as rollers, allowing a generous ground clearance.
Large 51 litre capacity
Leisurewize Streetwize LWACC49 Wastehog

31Z1pM3ZRiL. AC


Smart waste water carriers are now an integral part of any camping or caravanning gear. They allow you to carry and dispose-off the sewer waste easily without harming the environment or flouting regulations.
large capacity of 45L
Elsan Blue 4L

51lmTBYfsL. AC SX679


Elsan Blue 4L perfumed toilet fluid. Kills germs, neutralises odours and prevents black spot mould. For all chemical toilets and cassettes.
Tried and tested
Semloh CPL ML10 Mains Extension Lead, 10 m

81F49kiARNL. AC SL1500


This 10 metre connection lead is perfect for connecting site power to your caravan or motorhome when you need a safe electricity supply. This site Connection Lead is fitted with a 16 Amp mains plug for connection to the site power supply and a 16 Amp Mains coupler to provide you with a convenient power supply link.
FIRE & FIRST AID Safety Essentials

811XQGDBjwL. AC SX679


2x 1kg DRY POWDER FIRE EXTINGUISHER, FIRE Blanket and First AID KIT with mounting brackets.
Easy to install
X-Sense 10-Year Battery Combination Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm

711MuyUKTKL. AC SL1500


2-IN-1 PROTECTION: Equipped with both photoelectric and electrochemical CO sensors that .work independently of each other.
LCD Display with 10 year battery
Kitchen Starter Kit

81J1lJIYEjL. AC UL480 FMwebp QL65


Sabichi Premium 35 Piece Kitchen Set - Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Set, Non-Stick Induction Pan Set, Knife Set with Block, and More - Essential Cookware and Gadgets for Every caravan.
Time saving purchase
Towing Mirrors

51CD0cZ2WBS. AC SL1200


Milenco Aero 4 Convex Mirrors The Aero Extra Wide Mirrors and Grand Aero Extra Wide Mirrors are the same as the Aero 3 Mirrors and the Grand Aero 3 Mirrors, except for having longer arms for wider caravans, RV's or travel trailers, the Extra Wide Mirrors are only available in convex.
Don’t wobble much at all and fit well

There are some further essentials that you may need, especially if you are intending to use your caravan ‘off grid’. Please see the list below for other things you may wish to consider before setting out in your caravan…

  • Gas bottle/s are essential if you intend to use your caravans oven and hob. If you don’t have electrical hookup you will also need it for heating the caravan, running the fridge and hot water.


  • Solar panel kit. If your caravan is in storage without electrical hookup having a solar panel can make life easier. Just connect it to the battery, point it towards the sun and keep topped up! A solar panel is also very convenient when camping or caravanning off grid to help power lighting and phone chargers.

Camping and caravan solar panel kitCamping and caravan folding solar panel

Kits are easy to install and can be mounted on the roof or propped up against a window inside the caravan. You may find the foldable solar panel more convenient to use and store. Please click on the photos above to check prices and specifications. 

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